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SEO Audit

Use Routine Checkups to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Any website needs an SEO site audit every once in a while, especially large websites updating content on a regular basis. Even minor changes, such as fixing missing page titles and descriptions or adding alt text to images may improve your ranking and bring in more traffic. A typical audit will include content checkup, site structure integrity, potential crawl issues, organic traffic analysis and search console issues.

The Process

The site checkup and audit process starts with scanning your entire website for common errors which errors are easy to find and fix. Next, more complex issues, such as coding errors or image optimizations are addressed. As well as server side issues relating to speed optimizations.

Next is search console (if you don’t have an account one will be opened on your behalf). This Google made tool for webmasters will provide further insights into how Google views your content and brands strength. After reviewing all reports, some suggestions may include mobile visibility improvements, spam link removal and even new opportunities for growth.

After reviewing your search console data, access to your Analytics account is needed. This is potentially the most important part of the audit. Large websites tend have enormous amounts of old and neglected pages that either need a content refresh or simply be removed. Pages that were written years ago, with no relevant data and no organic traffic are completely redundant and serve no purpose.

To perform a full audit, access is needed to you Google Analytics and Search Console Account.

Audit prices are determined by the number of pages on your site and the complexity of the site structure.

More Checkups and Reports

Apart from those, we will also check for duplicate content issues, both on your site and other sites that may reuse your content without permission, check your rankings on multiple devices and locations and provide a complete report with actionable items categorized by ease of implementation and importance, with the important and easy to implement items at the top of the list.

The report will also include results from various tools regarding site speed, progressive web app compatibility and more insights into your site structure and how easy it is for users to navigate and achieve the site goals.