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Smart TV and Mobile Apps

Use Tag Manager for Smart TV and Mobile Apps

Tagging Smart TV Apps with Tag Manager

Smart TVs are becoming ubiquitous and so are the apps powering many of their advanced features. Unlike mobile apps, smart TV apps are usually built using HTML, the same way a regular website is built, making the use of GTM within these apps relatively easy and intuitive.

While smart TV are built using HTML, the useful GTM feature “Preview and Debug” mode is not available, and usually there’s no mouse functionality, as these apps are not built for use on a PC with traditional keyboard and mouse, but rather a TV remote. Other than that, TV apps act much like regular websites, which means using GTM is the most logical tagging solution, as you are able to push updates to the app seamlessly.

Smart TV Apps

Apps Built Like Websites

If your TV app uses HTML, tagging the app from within GTM unleashes the measuring potential of GTM combined with Google Analytics. You can tag events for clicks on menu items or video plays, measure scroll depth to understand how users interact with below the fold content, measure visible pages and any other simple or advanced measuring technique used by any major website.

Tagging Mobile Apps

While Google Tag Manager’s most robust features are available mostly for websites, and not apps, it has one very significant advantage which most app developers will find very handy: you can push updates to the app without having to upload a new versions to the App / Play store and waiting for user to update their version. This feature alone can be worth the trouble of installing GTM on your mobile app.

When using GTM on websites, you have access to the entire DOM via inspect element command on your browser. With mobile apps, unless you’re the developer, you’ll have no access to the source code and virtually no way of finding out how to tag the different elements of the app. That’s the main reason why GTM for mobile apps is just a slim version of the version meant for websites, and perhaps one of the reasons Google developed the Progressive Web Apps standard (PWA), which brings app like behavior to regular websites.

But even the trimmed down version of GTM for apps can still help you push common tags to your app instantly without using a developer, specifically advertising tags and other app analytics and usage services such as Appsflyer.

With the help of an app developer, you can extend GTM usage within your apps to implement events and other standart Analytics data.