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Enhanced eCommerce

Enhanced E-commerce for Online Retail Success

Enhanced eCommerce in Google Analytics is a way for online retailers to track not just conversions, but the entire customer journey until a purchase is made, with tracking options such as shopping cart abandonment rate, checkout abandonment, product impressions and more customized reports.

When implementing enhanced eCommerce, the best course of action is doing so with Tag Manager, which has built-in functionality for these types of measurements and the implementation process is greatly simplified when compared to hard coding your entire website.

The Implementation Process

Before implementation, we need to determine how your website is built and what is the fastest and most cost effective way to capture product pages, cart pages, checkout pages and other relevant areas on your website from within Google tag Manager. This can usually be done using the site’s URL structure or unique HTML tags found on any of the relevant pages.

Once the shortest route is decided upon, the process of tagging sets of pages for enhanced eCommerce begins. The length and complexity of the process depends mainly on the size of your site and the number of product categories and sub-categories.

Enhanced eCommerce
Online Shopping Carts

Ecommerce Shopping Carts Support

Most major online shopping carts such as Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, X-cart and many other support enhanced ecommerce either via free or paid plugins. Considering many carts are modified for the specific needs of any given online retailer, these plugins tend to be buggy and oftentimes fail to work as expected without adjustments specific to your store.

Tailor made carts will usually need a custom implementation.


The enhanced reports in Analytics can have great impact on your retail success, some the report include metrics on:

  • how product placements on homepage and category pages impact clicks and conversion
  • How effective coupons are to the sales process
  • How many users add products to the cart but never complete a purchase