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Looker Studio (Data Studio)

Beautiful and Meaningful Reports From Any Data Source

If your run online campaigns, chances are you’re drowning in reports, as almost every advertising platform has its own analytics solution: Facebook Ad  Analytics, Youtube Analytics, Yandex Metrica, and then there’s Google Ads reports, Facebook campaign reports and the list goes on and on.

Until Looker  Studio and similar products came to be, you probably got your reports in Excel or Google Sheets, which are good enough for many standard reports. But Looker Studio transforms reporting from  boring, oftentimes static rows and columns to something more visually appealing and with dynamic data updated each time you view a report.

The Benefits

Reports are built specifically to your needs, showing only the data you need to make business decisions. They can be easily shared with co-workers by sending a link to any specific report and can be modified for future needs using intuitive drag and drop interface.

The Connectors

Looker Studio uses connectors to fetch data from 3rd party (not owned by Google) services, but it also accepts many others types of data sources including CSV files, Google Sheets and many others. Some connectors are free to use, while other require a paid version in order to use their full functionality.

Multiple Data Sources and Custom Data

One Looker Studio report can include data from multiple sources, for example one report page can contain your Facebook ads data while another page can contain data from your Google Ads campaigns. Data Studio also includes Excel like features – calculated fields – that allow for extra data manipulation with dedicated functions.

Data Sources