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Analytics Audit

Find and Fix Data Collection Errors

Analytics audits are typically priced considering the number of page types on your site, the complexity of the code  and whether or not a tag management  tool is used.

Most small websites are doing just fine with the basic Analytic installation, but when it comes to large publishers, online retailers and other sites with heavy traffic, most use custom codes and that’s when things can go wrong. Self referrals, high percentage of direct (or unknown) traffic sources, incorrect transaction figures and many other tracking issues and data loss may arise when dealing with complex websites, especially ones using some form of ajax applications, today commonly named single page applications.

Fixing these issues can be a time consuming process, and during this process lost data is sometimes unrecoverable and it may prove costly. The analytics site audit process first minimizes data loss to a minimum, and only then check and fix all your Google Analytics issues.

The Process

The analytics audit process may take as little as a few days or up to a few weeks depending on several factors:

  • Size of the website / websites and number of page types used
  • Number of customized tracking codes
  • The use of Google Tag Manager and the version of Google Analytics used
  • The type of website

The process itself requires full access to your Google Analytics account (pending NDA or any other requirement) and Tag Manager account (if applicable). Once access is granted, all analytics implementations will be thoroughly reviewed along with the data found within GA.

To perform the audit, i need:

  • Website address
  • Access to your GA account


To fix any errors found, further access may be needed:

  • Admin access to GA
  • Admin access to CMS / FTP
  • Admin access to Tag Manager, if used

Fixing Google Analytics Issues

Once the audit process is done, you will receive a detailed report containing all the issues found and recommendations on how to fix them.

For implementing the required fixes there a few choices, depending on how the analytics code is embedded on your website and what version of analytics is used.

Google Analytics Code is Hard Coded

If this is the case, there are two available services:

  • Your developers fix the issues following the recommendations given
  • We implement the fixes (may require CMS / FTP / server access)

Google Analytics Code is Embedded Via Tag Manager

This scenario is the desired one, as fixing most issues will not require a developer to solve. It is easier and more cost effectiv