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Google Analytics

Analytics Consulting Services. Implement, Collect, Analyze

Google Analytics is the most widely used tool for online traffic measurement, and off-the-shelf it provided very handy reports even with the basic implementation, but GA becomes a really powerful tool once you customize it to your own specific needs.

GA Reports

The Analytics Consulting Process.

The basic Google Analytics consulting process includes a review of your site, or the mockup if the site is in planning stages, deciding together on your specific measuring needs and finally implementing the code and building your custom reports.

While Google Analytics can be implemented directly, it is highly recommended implementing the code via Google Tag Manager. Using GTM will usually result in speedier and highly customizable implementation process and is likely to save time and money while providing seamless upgrades to future versions of the Analytics code.

Using GTM and Analytics allows you to accomplish complicated tasks, such as enhanced ecommerce tracking, with relative ease and speed and with little or no help from a developer.

Google Analytics and Data Studio Reports

After a successful implementation, you’ll find all your data stored in the Google Analytics reports. While some people may feel comfortable with these reports, other may find them difficult to browse through and understand, as even the reporting environment can have a learning curve. Many customers find that customized reports created with Google Data Studio are easier to read and draw actionable conclusions from. Custom reporting environments can also be created with Google Sheets using the Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-on.

Data Studio Analytics Reports
Single Page Apps

Google Analytics and Single Page Applications

Single page applications, most commonly built using React or Angular Javascript frameworks, are taking over the web. They’re fast, easy to build and provide overall excellent user experience. But they also pose challenges, for both SEO and Analytics uses. SEO issues aside, most analytics implementations can be easily achieved with SPAs, but some additional hard code may be required.