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טופליטיקס - שירותי SEO, תג מנג'ר, אנליטיקס ושיפור יחסי המרה


Single Page Applications SEO and Analytics Services

Single page application are taking over the web for the past few years. They are relatively easy to build and scale, they are lightweight and super fast and they offer great user experience. Most modern SPAs use either react.js or angular.js javascript libraries maintained by Facbook and Google respectively.

Out of the box, SPAs have one big drawback –  they fail to meet even the most basic SEO requirements, rendering then almost useless.

Making SPA SEO Friendly

The most basic requirements is having a unique URL without hash (“#”) for every “page” of your single page application and the ability to add unique titles and descriptions. In some cases, this might be enough for Google, and other search engines, to crawl your site correctly.

If search engines still fail at reading your site correctly, server side rendering (SSR) may be needed. SSR may be implemented by your developers, there are plenty of sample repositories on Github. Another option is using 3rd party solutions such as

The importance of unique URLs

Having a unique URL for each page is not crucial just for your SPA SEO efforts. Unique URLs mean your users can share pages other than your homepage on social media and messaging apps. It also means you can use internal landing pages for your paid campaigns.

SPA Analytics

Some developers do not want or need their SPAs indexed or crawled by search engines. If this is the case, using tag manager is your best option for getting accurate analytics data.

Using the dataLayer object, we can transmit virtual pageviews  to different sections of your app and send the correct usage data back to analytics. Within analytics, virtual pageviews behave exactly like real ones.