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Business Growth

Using Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Data Studio
and Technical SEO

About Me

Since 2006 i have been providing professional online marketing services to multiple multinational corporations, as well as local businesses around the world. Currently, I provide mainly Google or Google related services. You are invited to read more about me in the About page.


Google Analytics services including implementations, analytics audits, custom reporting, troubleshooting and more

Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager services, including enhanced eCommerce tagging, dynamic remarketing and much, much more


Conduct A/B or multivariate tests to improve user experience and conversion rates on both mobile and desktop

Techinal SEO

Technical SEO services including site speed optimization, and progressive web app compatibility

Years of Experience

Over the past 20 years i have held a few different positions at a number of internet companies. I started as content writer, but gradually moved to programming and then to my current fields of expertise. These are the years of experience i have in each field

Google Small LogoOnline marketing is a broad term covering many disciplines. I chose to perfect my skills using Google Marketing Platform, including Analytics, Optimize and Tag Manager, as well as SEO.

Brands logoWhile mostly working with SMB clients, i have also gathered significant experience working for international brands and start-up companies.

Technical know-howSEO, Tag Manager and Optimize – all require a technical know-how. Understanding of popular programming languages, web servers and web standards will go a long way toward a successful online marketing strategy.